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Join Elexson's Club: Elexson Hercules was a founding member of InnerCity Weightlifting. Early in 2012, Elexson was lost to the violence he had so desperately tried to get away from. We are remembering and honoring his efforts through the creation of Elexson's Club: a group of individuals who support the mission and work of ICW by making a minimum $1,000 tax deductible annual donation.

Please mail all checks to:

InnerCity Weightlifting, PO Box 171313, Boston, MA 02117

Donating to ICW is more than compassionate, it's a wise investment. For every dollar donated to the program, we generate a 3x return in societal benefits, by reducing rates of incarceration and promoting employment. In 2016, we invested just over $1M of donated dollars into the program and by reducing recidivism rates by 44% below the national average and providing employment opportunities to our student trainers, we generated over $3.4M in direct value creation. In 2017, we're forecasting even a higher rate of return.